Steve Stallings is a dog lover who devotes his free time to volunteering at an animal shelter.

Steve StallingsSteve Stallings is a volunteer at the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter and has been involved in animal rescue since 2010. He is skilled and experienced in understanding animal behavior and communications.  Similarly, he knows what needs to be done and what methods need to be implemented in order to modify animal behavior problems and fearfulness.  Steve spends  a lot of his free time at the shelter, where he assists in a number of different capacities:

  • Dog Handler - Steve Stallings will socialize with and spend quality time with the dogs. By doing so, he is helping to increase adoptability of the dogs in that they become comfortable with and accustomed to human touch and a master’s commands.
  • Dog Walker – This is a means of giving the shelter dogs the exercise they need, as well as gives dogs an opportunity for further socialization and learning the on-leash skills they will need in their new lives when they are adopted.
  • Dog Trainer - Works with the more challenging dogs that need a more specialized, tailored-to-them training program and behavior modification in order to help them get adopted.
  • Adoptions Assistant - Helps match people with pets including walking around the adoption floor, greeting customers and answering questions. Conducting meet and greets with potential forever families.
  • Janitor – Assists in basic cleaning duties, such washing down and disinfecting kennels.
  • Offsite Educational, Fundraising or Adoption Events – Steve contributes to this cause even when he is not volunteering at the shelter by spreading the word about the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter, its programs and all of the wonderful, loving animals that are in need of homes and ready for adoption.  He focuses his efforts in raising awareness about the shelter at community events, schools and pet stores.

Steve Stallings is also involved supporting several different local animal rescue organizations in the Tampa and Valrico areas, and helps give shelter animals prominent exposure at events throughout the year.  He also volunteers to help give shelter animal’s prominent exposure at events throughout the year.